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Back To The Future: The Game – Gold Edition (2010-2011/PCDVD/ENG/RUS/Multi4/ISO/FULL/RePack

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Back To The Future: The Game – Gold Edition (2010-2011/PCDVD/ENG/RUS/Multi4/ISO/FULL/RePack

Post  Ejuk on Tue Sep 27, 2011 12:42 pm

Back To The Future: The Game – Gold Edition (2010-2011/PCDVD/ENG/RUS/Multi4/ISO/FULL/RePack)
PC | MULTI4 | Developer: Telltale Games | Publisher: Telltale Games | 2010-2011 |
Genre: Arcade / Adventure (Logic / Quest) / 3D / 3rd person | File Size : 2.09 GB

In Back To The Future:
The Game – Gold Edition includes all of the games from 2011 to 2011. Fantastic Adventures of Doc and Marty in time continues. Move in time, change the events and try did not spoil in the future …
Events in Back To The Future.The Game.Episode 1.It ‘s About Time unfold half a year after the events described in the third part of the movie “Back to the Future.” Marty left all alone, without his best friend, Doc Brown. Then, from nowhere, suddenly there is a completely empty car De Lorean, who used the characters in the film for time travel. It turns out that Doc again managed to get stuck either in the future, whether in the past …
————————– —-
Time travel going on in the new game ?Back To The Future.The Game.Episode 2.Get Tannen?. With the advent of a miracle machine, it is very much changed, as every trip to the future impact on our past. And as an increasing number of scams that try to get more money through sports almanac. Passing game ?Back To The Future.The Game.Episode 2.Get Tannen? until the end of the players finally learn what the outcome of all this fantastic story …
————————– —-
After a bumpy road and problematic return to their 1980s, Doc and Marty are surprised to learn that their world has changed beyond recognition once again – this reality became the most revered man of mystery “The first citizen of Brown ‘…
————————– —-
In ?Back To The Future.The Game.Episode 4.Double Visions? Marty will be a very difficult situation: he will have to dig those temporary lapses, which he made together with Doc in the 30s. XX century. You have to pretty podnapryach Brains as well as to use “one hundred percent!” their logical thinking. Or, alternatively, use the built-in tips. But we do like challenges, do not you?
————————– —-
Back To The Future.The Game.Episode 5.OUTATIME is the fifth and final episode in the series ?Back To The Future?.
In this part of Marty and Doc is waiting for a new adventure, where they will visit in the past, present and future, will reveal all the mysteries and restore the broken time-change …
- Back To The Future.The Game.Episode 1.It ‘s About Time
* Exciting adventure based on the famous film
* Old friends come to life on the screen of your monitor [/ u]
* [U] Colorful graphics and frantic pace of events
————————– —-
- Back To The Future.The Game.Episode 2.Get Tannen
* Continuation of the famous saga Back to the Future
* Familiar and favorite characters in new adventures
* More complicated cases and the dangers
————————– —-
- Back To The Future.The Game.Episode 3.Citizen Brown / Episode 4.Double Visions / Episode 5.OUTATIME
* The New Adventures of Marty and Doc time!
* A fascinating and breathtaking plot
* Colorful graphics and high-quality animation
System requirements:
- Operating system: Microsoft ? Windows ? XP ? / Windows ? Vista ? / Windows ? 7even ?
- Processor: Intel Pentium 4 1.5 GHz or equivalent AMD Athlon 64 1500
- Memory: 1 GB (Windows XP) / 2GB (Windows Vista / 7)
- Graphics Card: 3D-graphics adapter with 128 MB memory, compatible with DirectX ? 9.0 and supports Pixel Shader 3.0 (Nvidia ? GeForce ? 6600 / ATI ? Radeon X1300 or better)
- Sound: Sound card compatible with DirectX 9.0c
- Free hard drive space: 4 GB
- Additional software: DirectX 9.0c
- Controls: A keyboard and mouse
Features RePack’a:
- It is based on the license – Telltale Games -
- Audio quality is 100%
- Video quality is 100%
- Do not cut
- Do not recoded
- Ekslklyuzivny installer
- The installer with music
- Full versions of games
- Tablet Sewn
- Sewn localization of the text:
* Softonic for Back To The Future.The Game.Episode 1.It ‘s About Time by Tolma4 team.v 1.2 from 3/29/11
* Softonic for Back To The Future.The Game.Episode 2.Get Tannen from Tolma4 team.v 1.2 from 3/29/11
* Softonic for Back To The Future.The Game.Episode 3.Citizen Brown from Tolma4 / ZoG.v 1.02 on 18/04/11
* Softonic for Back To The Future.The Game.Episode 4.Double Visions of Tolma4 / ZoG.v 1.1 from 5/10/11
* Softonic for Back To The Future.The Game.Episode 5.OUTATIME from Tolma4 / ZoG.v 1.0 of 04/07/11
- Requires at least 1 GB of RAM for installation
- Requires at least 4 GB of free space on HDD
- Run the game with a shortcut on your desktop
- Installing additional. Software: DirectX, VisualC + + Redist, Ageia PhysX
- Installation time: 5-10 minutes




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Re: Back To The Future: The Game – Gold Edition (2010-2011/PCDVD/ENG/RUS/Multi4/ISO/FULL/RePack

Post  Prince Ruban on Fri Sep 30, 2011 3:50 am

wow the movie is amazing i hope that the game too
Prince Ruban
Prince Ruban

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